Hi, I'm Joseph πŸ‘‹

My life is dedicated to helping others find peace and live a life of abundance and joy by discovering what makes them come alive and creatively sharing it with the world.

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How To Make A Living Creating Art/Writing That Is Deeply Fulfilling, Healing, & True To You

A course on my writing/creation process IΒ used to write poems, essays, and reflections that turned into a #1 international bestselling book that has been translated into 31+ different languages.

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Meet The Author
Joseph Nguyen

Joseph Nguyen is the author of the #1 international bestselling book, Don't Believe Everything You Think, which has been translated into 31+ languages.

He is a writer who helps others realize who they truly are beyond their own thinking and conditioning to live an abundant life free from psychological and emotional suffering.

When he's not busy petting his 3 cats that he's allergic to, he spends the rest of his time writing, teaching, speaking, and sharing timeless wisdom to help people discover their own divinity from within and how they are the answer they’ve been looking for their entire lives.



This book is great. It really was an eye opener for me on how thinking about my past is causing my negative emotions and how to change that by getting into a state of non-thinking. I would highly recommend to anyone struggling with peace of mind!

Don't Believe Everything You Think

Sometimes the fewest words can go beyond our thinking and be the most transformative and life-changing.
I read it very slowly and savored the immense power of each carefully written word.

Beyond Thoughts

This book gave me an epiphany about what I want to do with my life and the beginning of my rebirth toward something greater than myself. Excellent read

Cullen Byrne
Don't Believe Everything You Think

I will go back to this book again and again. It’s the perfect accompaniment on one’s journey to peace of mind and contentment. Simply beautiful.

Tessa Arnold
Beyond Thoughts

This book brought me so much relief I’ve always been a positive learning how to be happy now after reading and buying this book it’s become a earning Day now I am in peace

Don't Believe Everything You Think