9 Questions To Help You Let Go Of Guilt From The Past

“Guilt does not change the past. Guilt does not make the future better. Guilt does not help others or ourselves. Guilt does not fix problems. Guilt blinds us from the ability to change, grow and improve. It's time to let go of guilt.” —Jessica Ortner

Questions are more powerful than answers. Answers close the door, while questions open them.

Here are 9 questions to help free us from the guilt and open the door to peace:

Many of us have boundaries when it comes to the external world and interacting with other people, but how many of us have internal boundaries within our minds?

We may have boundaries when we speak to others, but do we have boundaries with how we speak to ourselves?

There are things we would never do or even dare to say to a good friend of ours, but is the same true with the words we use with ourselves?

Could you give yourself the same love, forgiveness, grace, and understanding that you give to your family and friends?

How would you feel if you did that?

What’s stopping you from doing so?

Can you give yourself permission to finally let go of the story that’s been causing you suffering all this time?

Can you forgive yourself for doing the best you could with what you knew and had at the time?

Is all this self-inflicted guilt helping you become the person you truly want to be? Or is it doing the exact opposite?

The forgiveness we are truly seeking is our own. It’s time to give yourself what you’ve been wanting from others.

You already have everything within you to free yourself. 

I believe in you.

With All My Love,


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