A Simple Way To Bring A Little More Joy Into Your Life

Doing what we need to do allows us to survive. Doing what we want to do allows us to feel alive.

Most of us wake up and immediately ask ourselves, “What do I need to do today?”

There is nothing inherently wrong with this question, but it tends to put us in a reactionary state where we are looking for what we need to do to survive. While we, of course, need to do certain things in our day to continue living, we usually go about our days optimizing for our survival and do not leave any space for anything else.

We fill our days with what we NEED to do but leave no time for what we WANT, and we wonder why we do not feel fulfilled.

Doing what we need to do allows us to survive. Doing what we want to do allows us to feel alive.

What I am suggesting is not to completely disregard doing everything we need to survive and only do things that make us feel alive. That isn’t practical and would only cause additional problems to arise by going too far toward the other end of the spectrum.

The answer is rarely ever in the extremes but somewhere in between. It usually resides within restoring balance.

This would be through beginning to ask ourselves what we truly want to do that would make us feel alive and start introducing some of those things into our day. Doing a balance of both will create the fulfilling life you are looking for.

The thing we want to do doesn’t have to take up much time, especially in the beginning, but setting the intention that you will begin doing this for yourself and creating the space to do so will be vital to bringing yourself a little more joy each day. It can be for 15 minutes a day or an hour. It doesn’t matter as long as you start. Over time you will see how doing what you want brings you so much happiness that you will want to create more time to do it, and it will naturally grow.

Interestingly, when you begin prioritizing your own peace and joy, it spreads to all other areas of your life. We do better work, create deeper relationships, and make others happier when we are happier.

By caring for yourself, you become a rising tide that lifts all ships around you. What you do for yourself, you also do for the world. Everything starts with you.

So ask yourself: What have I been truly wanting to do that I have been putting off for a long time?

See if you can make any small step toward doing it today.

With All My Love,


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