How To Create Deeper Connections With Others

Judgment creates contempt. Questions create connections.

We all want more love, joy, and deeper relationships, but what prevents us from having it?

To find out, we must first define what creates the feeling of having an authentic and deep connection with someone.

The reason why we may not have more of these types of relationships in our lives isn’t because we aren’t trying, but because we aren’t clear on what it is.

Do we create one by simply loving them more? What does that even mean? Is our definition of love the same as theirs? What is the difference? Is how we show love different than how they want to be loved? How do I want to be loved, and have I clearly communicated this consistently to my loved ones?

If you do not know the answers to these questions, discovering what they are will change your relationship with every person in your life.

Love no longer needs to be a guessing game when you are clear about what it is to you and when you find out exactly what it means to the person you are with.

Most problems in any relationship do not come from a lack of love, but from a lack of communication of how each person wants to be loved.

We only argue with others because we do not feel seen, heard, and understood. As soon as we feel like we are, the conflict dissolves.

The way to help someone feel seen, heard, and understood is to let go of the thinking (story) we have in our minds about the other person and to truly listen to how they feel the way they do and why.

If we are too busy holding on to our opinions, wanting to be right or the judgment we have of them, we sever the connection we have with the other person and completely sabotage any chance of a peaceful resolution.

One of the rarest forms of listening is actively listening without judgment. That is the formula for helping someone feel seen, heard, and understood.

Judgment creates contempt. Questions create connections.

Judgment closes doors while questions open them.

To keep the door of love, peace, and joy open, all we have to do is keep an open mind and continue asking questions to understand.

Once we do this first, it is significantly easier for the other person to reciprocate and do the same for us.

There is no end to how deep of a connection we can have with someone when we operate from this energy and space.

This week, when listening to your loved ones, become aware of when judgment creeps in and observe what happens when you consciously choose to let it go.

Observe how who you’re with responds, how much more they open up, how they feel, and how you do when you do this. 

This is how you choose peace. This is how you embody love.


With All My Love,



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