The Connection Between Flow, Non-Thinking & Happiness

Flow is not a state of force. Flow is a state of surrender. When we let go, we enter flow.

Flow is a powerful state we all aspire to achieve. We experience this state when we are fully immersed in what we are doing in the present moment, and the world seems to fade into the background.

It has been reported that being in a flow state is some of the most joyful, exciting, and expansive states we can be in as humans.

There is no separation between us and what we are doing when we are in flow. We lose our sense of identity and become “lost” in the activity. This is the phenomenon of becoming “one” with everything in the moment.

Thinking is what creates separation between us and everything in the world. Without thinking, we come back home and are in direct connection with our true selves.

During flow, there are no worries, doubts, or fears. We aren’t thinking about the future or past, concerned with how others perceive us, or ruminating about our mistakes.

In fact, we aren’t really thinking about anything in flow. We could say that flow is a state of no-mind or non-thinking. They are one and the same.

There is no coincidence that when we are in flow, we are happiest, most productive, and creative. The same is true when we aren’t thinking.

This is made more apparent in sports. How well do athletes tend to perform when they are overthinking? How well do we perform or enjoy life when we are caught in the web of our own thinking?

The best athletes are the ones who aren’t bothered by the thoughts in their minds when they are on the court or field.

The happiest people are the ones who are unattached to the thoughts in their minds as they are living life.

Don’t let your thinking stop you from living.

Let go to enter flow.

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