Why Avoiding Pain Makes Us Suffer Twice

The avoidance of pain is suffering. The confrontation of pain is liberation.

We live most of our lives trying to chase comfort while running away from pain, not knowing that avoiding pain is ironically painful in and of itself.

The more we try to suppress our emotions, the more it hurts. While temporary distractions may alleviate the pain in the short term, they exacerbate it in the long run.

By avoiding our emotions and what we fear, we end up suffering twice.

The only way out of this paradox is to confront the feeling we have been avoiding, knowing that it is only an emotion and cannot kill us. But if we continue to avoid it, it will take the life of our dreams, hopes, and joy.

Either decision we make is uncomfortable — choosing to avoid or confront the pain.

The avoidance of pain perpetuates it. The confrontation of pain frees it.

In life, we cannot prevent pain, but we can choose the pain that leads to peace, love, and joy. Whenever you are between a decision and don’t know what to do, choose the pain that leads to peace.

Once you do, take deep breaths, let go of your thinking, and know you are ultimately safe. What you are experiencing is only a feeling that will pass once you confront what you need to. Pain is temporary. Peace is eternal — and is always waiting for you patiently.

What we truly want in life isn’t comfort but freedom. 

You have the courage within you to do what you know your heart wants.

With All My Love,


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