Why Our Mind Causes Us To Suffer & What To Do About It

The stories in our minds create our suffering. The absence of stories is the presence of peace.

When it comes to our minds, we are controlled by what we do not understand and freed from what we do.

The purpose of the mind is to keep the body alive by searching for potential threats in our environments or creating scenarios of them.

Our minds are not concerned with our own happiness and peace.

Peace is found when we are able to become unattached to what goes on within the mind.

It is similar to watching a movie. During the movie, we may experience a spectrum of emotions, but once the movie is over, we no longer think about it much because we know it is just a movie.

The same is true for our thoughts. Once we see them for what they are, simply thoughts, we can be free from them instead of caught up in the narrative of what the thoughts are saying.

Our thoughts are not facts, but if we treat them as such, we suffer.

Not everything on TV or the internet is true. The same applies to anything within our minds.

There is a world of difference between our thoughts and what we think our thoughts mean.

For instance, if someone forgot to call us back, the thought in our minds may be: this person forgot to call me back. Our thinking about the thought may sound like: “This means that they are a bad person or that they do not like me.”

The thought we initially had is a neutral observation of what is. 

The thinking we had about the thought was our own projection, assumption, judgment, and story we created about the thought. This story we create after an observation is what causes our suffering. The story is unnecessary and only creates negative emotions.

When we let go of the story, we let go of the psychological and emotional suffering attached to the thinking.

As you observe what goes on within your mind, become aware if it is a neutral observation or a personal opinion about something. This is the difference between thoughts and thinking.

Allow thoughts to come and go and let go of any thinking or stories that are created about those thoughts to find peace. It can help to take a few deep breaths to ground you in the present moment as you let go of the thinking and any fears associated with letting go.

Remember that you are safe and that what you think will happen cannot kill you, but it will rob you of your peace if you allow it.

There is no greater act of courage than letting go. You are stronger than you think.

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