Why We Suffer When We Do Things For Love

“Do things out of love, not for love.” — Unknown

When we do things for love or to try to get love from someone else, we tend to open ourselves up to suffering.

Doing things for love creates expectations that you will receive something in return. These expectations are the root of disappointment, anger, and frustration.

On the other hand, when we do things out of love, we give from a place of abundance, not expecting anything in return.

We do the thing simply because we want to and for no other ulterior motive. This is an act of true, unconditional love. It is a true gift you are giving someone with no strings attached.

What is amazing is that the act of what you are doing doesn’t even have to change. If your intention changes from doing things for love to doing things out of love, it transforms how you feel, and the other person receives it.

How much of what we do in a day is to try to earn the love, admiration, attention, and recognition of others? When was the last time we did something that was truly out of love and not for it?

How different would your life look if most of what you did was out of love instead of for love? What can you do today or even right now out of love?

How does it feel to imagine that?

How does it differ from doing things for love?

Let these questions marinate in your mind, and see what insights come to you. Don’t force anything. Just let it be and see what arises.

Whatever stands out to you most, write it down and keep it top of mind this week to see how it transforms how you interact with the world.

One act out of love can change your day and someone else’s life.

With All My Love,


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