Hi, I'm Joseph 👋

My life is dedicated to helping others find peace and live a life of abundance and joy by discovering what makes them come alive and creatively sharing it with the world.

My Courses/Workshops

The Art Of Creating (A Writing Workshop)

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How To Make A Living Creating Art/Writing That Is Deeply Fulfilling, Healing, & True To You

A course on my writing/creation process I used to write poems, essays, and reflections that turned into a #1 international bestselling book that has been translated into 16 different languages.

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My Books

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Beyond Suffering Bundle
The Beyond Suffering Bundle includes my 3 best-selling books at a discounted price:

Don't Believe Everything You Think
Beyond Thoughts
Healing Anxiety & Overthinking Workbook/Journal
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#1 International bestseller
Don't Believe Everything You Think
Why Your Thinking Is The Beginning & End Of Suffering

Over 2000+ Reviews Across All Platforms - 4.6 Stars
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