How To Productize Your Passions Course - Joseph Nguyen
How To Productize Your Passions Course - Joseph Nguyen

How To Productize Your Passions Course

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Learn how to package your passions into a scalable product that gives you financial & creative freedom.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

  • How To Discover Your Signature Niche
  • How To Find Your Voice/Style As A Creator
  • How To Authentically Share & Market Your Work In An Way That Is True & Aligned With You
  • How To Redefine Success So That You Find Fulfillment & Joy In The Process
  • How To Combine Your Passions Into A Unique Product That Is Scalable
  • How To Create A Simple, High-Converting Website To Sell Your Products
  • Examples Of Creators Who Are Making A Living From Creating
  • The Two Commitments That Guarantee Your Success As A Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Course For?

This course was created for everyone, regardless of your niche, skill, or creative gift.

It is for all makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians, craftspeople, artists, designers, and creatives from any vertical or place in the world.

I'm not creative. Can I still join?

You can absolutely join because there is no such thing as not being creative. To be human is to be creative.

We believe every single person is born a creator with the seed of creativity. When watered, this seed grows and helps us become more creative, but if it is not watered, we will often believe we are not.

This is not true. It simply means we have yet to water the seed of creativity to allow it to blossom into something that is recognizably creative. This community and course were designed to help anyone, regardless of their level of ability, to water that seed we all have to grow their creativity and express their own truth through what they make to create a more beautiful world.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?

We have a 30-Day Money-Back-Guarantee when you first join the community, so if you cancel within that time period, you will receive a full refund, so there is no risk to you.

We fully stand behind the course and community we've created, so if you feel like this may not be for you anymore, you can easily cancel at any time by emailing us at